Internet Messaging

  • Yes! Cripto Messaging connects communicating parties everywhere via the Internet
  • - Businesses
  • - Governments
  • - Individuals
  • - Groups
  • - Things on the Internet
  • - Device to Device

Secure You Say?

  • Yes! Cripto Messaging employs Public/Private Key Encryption
  • - verifying who is sending
  • - encrypting what was sent
  • - Document was received as was sent
  • - Receiver has opened Document

How do I get it

  • Yes! Contact Oban Pty Ltd:
  • - Call on +613 9044 1700
  • - Visit our Web Page at
  • - Download for iOS from App Store
  • - Download for Android from Google Play
  • - Download for Outlook from Windows Store

What does it cost

  • Please call

Who We Are

Oban Pty Ltd


Oban is an Australian company that develops secure messaging systems and is one of the few companies, worldwide, to have passed the Drummond Groups AS4 messaging certification. Oban’s messaging products are used in Australia and New Zealand by banks, government authorities, insurance companies and other businesses to carry a range of reliable and secure messages.

What We Do

Secure Message Transport

  • B2B: SuperStream Messages
  • B2G: Government XBRL Messages
  • B2B: Fund Managers ISO 20022 Messages
  • B2B: Insurers: Acord Messages
  • B2G: Health HL7 Messages
  • T2T: Thing to Thing on the Internet
  • B2P: Business to Mobile
  • P2P: Mobile to Mobile

What People Are Saying

Our valued clients commend us

  • "Well designed substantial Integration Architecture"

    Jane Doe, CEO of Administrate
  • "Easy Secure Email at Last"

    John Doe, President of Financial Services Ltd
  • "I share only what I want to share"

    James Black, CIO of QuickFlicks